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Your Skills & Accomplishments Section

Why do the skills you pick for your profile matter? And why should you add accomplishments? These two seemingly less important sections of your profile are actually really important. Your skills affect how you show up in search results and your accomplishments are an opportunity to share a publication you have or a networking group you are a part of.

Your Skills

Your skills are really important because it shows what your expertise is in. The more skill endorsements you get, the better you show up in LinkedIn search results when someone is looking for a specific skill set. Whether it’s a recruiter trying to hire you or a potential client, the more relevant skills that you pick, the easier people will be able to find you.

Ordering Of Skills

With your skills, the top three are what people see. In order to view the rest, you have to click to view more which most people won’t do. So you need to think through what three skills are most relevant to what you do and reorder your skills accordingly. These are also the skills most likely to be endorsed. As far as a number of skills, I would recommend having thirty-five as it provides a natural boost to your profile.

Link Your Skills To An Experience

You have the option to link each skill to your education, license or certificate, volunteer experience, publication, or organization. I would recommend primarily linking them to your work or volunteer experience. When you link each skill to an experience it allows your connections to see where you utilized each skill and know which skills they should endorse based on how they know you. Once you link each skill to an experience it will show a list of skills you linked to that experience in your experience section.

Your Accomplishments

Under the accomplishments, you can add a publication, patent, course, project, honor and award, test score, language, organization, and causes you support. If you have written an article or blog for someone else, put it in publications. If you speak another language you can add that in languages. And if you are a member of any organization or networking group add it here. And add some causes that you support. I’ve touched on what accomplishments are probably the most relevant to you but make sure to add whatever is relevant for your career.

So make sure the skills you choose are relevant and reflect what you currently do. Reorder your skills to pick the three most important ones at the top because those are the three people see and will more likely endorse. And make sure to add anything relevant to your accomplishments section.

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