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How To Write Your LinkedIn Profile

Sarah Mehesy speaks on how to have a great LinkedIn profile where she will walk you through the 12 parts of your profile and what needs to be included in each part. She will then share how to gain more recommendations and endorsements on your profile. Lastly, she will help you ensure your profile is set up correctly so people can easily search and find you.

Gabriel Luber

Lancaster Chamber

"I had the good fortune to attend one of Sarah's LinkedIn workshops earlier this year. I was new to the platform at the time and Sarah's presentation was super informative and helpful. For a young entrepreneur Sarah is a great communicator. I would recommend Sarah's LinkedIn workshop to any business, who's looking to have their team level-up on their LinkedIn skills and knowledge."

Liz Ackerman

Northern Lancaster Chamber

"Sarah's grasp of all things LinkedIn is absolutely amazing! She is a master at understanding and teaching the benefits of the platform and how it enhances individuals opportunities through connections. Sarah served on a panel for the Northern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce focusing on LinkedIn sharing her expertise.She provided insightful information and guidance that enriched our members understanding of LinkedIn resulting in an immediate impact."

Kelly Osborne


Southern Lancaster Chamber

"Sarah spoke at a chamber of commerce meeting I attended. Her presentation was relevant and very informative. She delivered her message with easy to follow content, was articulate, and humorous! The presentation was well attended and great feedback was received. She knows her stuff!!"

Jadan Willis

Southern Lancaster Chamber

"Sarah did an amazing job speaking at Southern Lancaster Chamber’s lunch & learn! Her presentation was informative, helpful, and included handouts with specific instructions on how to utilize all the features LinkedIn has to offer! As a board member for the chamber, I helped coordinate this event, and Sarah was timely in all email communications!"

Jared Hoover


My company hired Sarah multiple times to speak at a virtual event series we were running. She was easy to work with and her content was very relevant to our audience. She met with us 2 times before kickoff because she wanted to tailor her message for maximum impact. I was so impressed that I hired her to update and refine my LinkedIn profile. She is a consummate professional and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Dorothy Ochs


Sarah is a pleasure to work with. She’s professional and knows her material! We did a corporate webinar a few months ago and she provided valuable and actionable information. Looking forward to the next one we have planned.

Kathy Trapp


"Sarah provides a needed service for busy professionals. She presents well in person posing the case for a well-written Linked In profile. Speaking to professional organizations like ABWA, she implores professionals to keep their profiles current and key-word rich so they can be found easily in searches. Sarah knows that the slightest nuances and word choices can make a difference. She provides a much-needed but easily overlooked service."

Kym MacKilligan


"Sarah is extremely knowledgeable. When she spoke to 35 plus business women, we learned how to take our LinkedIn sites to the next level! I heard women at my table say, “I never knew that!” I can say without a doubt, Sarah will share her knowledge and add value to the time you spend listening to her."

Lisa Treible


"Sarah’s presentation on the importance of managing your LinkedIn profile was excellent. Her handout material was extensive as was her knowledge of the platform. When I’m ready to dig in and get my profile in order I’ll definitely give her a call."

Upcoming Speaking Event

Greater Reading Chamber Alliance

February 21st, 5:30-7:30 PM

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