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LinkedIn Headline, Contact Info & Features Section

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Does your LinkedIn headline, contact info, and features section really matter? Having these three things complete and up to date is actually really important. Your headline is important because it is the first thing someone sees along with your name and picture even before clicking in to view your profile. And if you want potential clients to be able to contact you then having your contact info right is also essential. And features matter because it's at the top of your profile as well and you can highlight your website or an article you wrote.

Your LinkedIn Headline

So how do you create a good headline? Most people just have their job title as their headline but I would recommend doing something different. You want your headline to clearly show what you do but in a way that is creative so it catches someone's eye. It should be short and concise but get the point across. The reason why you want it to be short is so that they can read your full headline before clicking on your profile. If it is too long then someone cannot clearly know what you do and how you do it before clicking into your profile. When writing a good headline, think of something you find yourself saying all the time about what you do. Or use a tagline your company has. The most important thing when it comes to your headline is to make it short and to have more than just your job title listed.

Your Contact Information

Your contact information includes your LinkedIn URL, website, phone number, email, and birthday. For your URL you can actually personalize it to be just your name. This helps as it is better to just have your name instead of it being random and you can add a link to your profile in your resume or email signature. Next, you want to make sure to include a website of the company you own or work for and your business phone number and email. And last is your birthday. I know none of us are a fan of giving away personal information but you can set this so it is only viewable by your connections. But you want to make sure to put in the correct birthday as other connections can get notified when it's your birthday.

Your Features Section

The main reason this matters and is important is that most people don't utilize this section of the profile and most don't even include it on their profile. Your features section is at the top of your profile and it is the first thing someone sees after viewing the top of your profile with your banner, profile picture, and headline. You can add a post you made, a link to a website, or a media item. This section of the profile is for you to highlight what you want to be shown as most prominent on your profile. When adding a website to your featured section make sure to change the thumbnail image if there is no image or an image you do not like. Also when adding a website or media item make sure to personalize the wording of the title and description for each one. So make sure to add the features section and showcase something that represents your brand.

So make your headline stand out by adding more than your job title to share your why or what you are looking for. Make sure your contact information is up to date so clients can contact you. And make sure to add a features section if you don't have it and add something that you want to highlight on your profile.

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