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How We Got Started

Sarah Mehesy is the founder and owner of Impressions Matter, a LinkedIn consulting business. Her business started in December of 2021 when she was doing some research trying to work on her own LinkedIn profile. As Sarah started doing this and learning more about LinkedIn she realized a lot of people she saw on LinkedIn didn’t realize what needed to go into their profile and some of the important rules to follow. So she started Impressions Matter where she helps people clearly communicate their stories on LinkedIn by writing about who they are, what they do, and why they love what they do. She enjoys writing LinkedIn profiles because it allows her clients to grow their personal brands and businesses.

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To write people's stories on their LinkedIn profiles to give them the opportunity to connect with other business professionals and potential clients.


To educate and inform business professionals on the purpose of LinkedIn and how to use it so they can connect with others and build relationships.

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