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How We Got Started

Impressions Matter was started by Sarah Mehesy because of a reoccurring need that she observed. While in college and trying to develop her network, Sarah realized that LinkedIn was an incredibly helpful tool to stay connected with people she met professionally but there was a lot lacking on her profile so she began to do the research to improve her profile and the impact it was having on her network. She realized that a lot of college students and other professionals had the need to improve their profile as well but just weren’t sure where to start and didn’t have the time to do the needed research. Sarah saw how people struggled to represent themselves well or to use all the tools LinkedIn had to offer. That's why she created Impressions Matter. Impressions Matter is a LinkedIn consulting firm that works with professionals and helps them understand what to have on their profile, how to manage their profile, and offers additional consulting for professionals so they know how to accurately represent themselves when they network and are looking to get hired.

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To write people's stories on their LinkedIn profiles to give them the opportunity to connect with other business professionals and potential clients.


To educate and inform business professionals on the purpose of LinkedIn and how to use it so they can connect with others and build relationships.

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