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Your Experience Section

What is the purpose of your experience section? How do you write it well? While your experience section is similar to your resume there are a lot of things that should be different.

Work & Volunteer Experience

Your experience section is where you can showcase what you have done. Make sure you have included the company (linking it to the company page), your job title and if it’s part-time or full-time, the duration of the role, and the location. This might seem simple but a lot of people will forget to put in the correct dates or the location. Whenever you remove past experience from your resume you should remove it from your LinkedIn profile as well. If you have multiple work experiences that are present you want to reorder your experience section based on what you want your top experience to be. Your top experience is what is linked at the top of your profile next to your education. LinkedIn automatically orders your experience section by date.

Add Media & Descriptions

In your experience section, you can add descriptions of each experience. This should not just be copied over from a list of bullet points on your resume. It needs to be written in the first person and clearly show what you did in each role. You also want to make sure to add media items. You can link a website or examples of the work you’ve done to an experience.

Education & License or Certificates

Make sure your education is correct and up to date including the school, degree name, and years completed. You can also add any license or certificates you have. In order to add a license or certificate, you need to know the license name and the organization that issued it. Another option you have to fill this section out if you don't have a license or certificate to add is to try a free month of LinkedIn premium and take a few LinkedIn learning courses. Once completed you have the option to add your LinkedIn learning course to your profile under this section.

So make sure to have all the information filled out in your work and volunteer experience. Add a description to share what you did in the role and add media items to make yourself stand out. Make sure your education is up to date and add a license or certificate if you have one.

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