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Your LinkedIn Banner & Profile Picture

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

What is the first thing someone sees when they click to view your LinkedIn profile? It's your LinkedIn banner and your profile picture. So why is it that so often someone has no LinkedIn banner and an outdated profile picture? And why does it matter to have an up-to-date profile picture and a good banner?

Visual Elements

Your LinkedIn banner and profile picture are the first two visual elements someone sees when they click to view your profile. It is your first online impression. It affects how someone sees you. So whether it's a new business connection or a recruiter looking to hire someone that views your profile you should have a professional headshot and well-designed banner to make a good first impression.

LinkedIn Banner

So how does someone create a LinkedIn banner? What should be on the banner? I recommend using Canva. You can use the paid or free version and look up the LinkedIn banner and select the 646 x 220 pixels. It will pull up a bunch of different designs and you can pick which one you like and put in your own information. Note that if you are using the free version of Canva you will be limited in what designs you can pick from. As far as the design of the banner goes I would recommend having the logo of your business or the company you work for and a picture that represents what product or service you offer. Once you have designed a banner you want to put it into your profile to see how it looks to make sure the profile picture is not blocking anything in your banner that is important. Then make adjustments as necessary.

LinkedIn Profile Picture

What are some basic rules to follow when it comes to your profile picture? Make sure your profile picture looks like you. This might sound obvious but too often people change the way they look and don't get an updated picture. You also want it to be a high-resolution image and your face should take up 60% of the frame. So make sure to crop your picture if it is taken farther away. You want to be the only person in the photo, have someone else take the picture for you, and choose the right expression. You also should avoid distracting backgrounds, wear what you would wear to work, take photos in soft natural light, and use filters wisely. I also recommend investing the money in having a professional photographer take the picture. Another option you have is to add a thirty-second video to your profile picture. I would recommend doing this as it will increase your profile views and help someone learn more about you.

Although having a good LinkedIn banner and profile picture might seem pretty basic and simple, these two things can really help you stand out and set yourself apart from the crowd. Most people on LinkedIn don't have a banner. So taking the time to design one will make you stand out. And too many people have outdated or unprofessional pictures on their profiles. So have a professional photographer take your picture outside. I encourage you to do these two things and see the difference it makes.

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