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Why LinkedIn Matters

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

We all have a LinkedIn account because we know it is important to have one. But do you ever stop to wonder about the purpose of LinkedIn or why you should invest time in engaging on the platform?

Staying connected to your network

This one might be obvious but the first reason LinkedIn matters and you should actively engage in the platform is that you want to stay connected to your network. When you interact on LinkedIn with a post, like, or comment it reminds your network you are connected to them so they stay connected with you or go to you if they need your service or product you provide.

Growing your network

Second, you need to have and be active on LinkedIn so that you can grow your network actively. Now when I say grow your network I don't mean randomly requesting a connection with every person that shows up in your recommended section. You should for the most part connect with people you know. So if you have attended a networking event and met someone, connect with them on LinkedIn. When you have a legitimate network on LinkedIn not only will you be using LinkedIn for its intended purpose but you will also get engagement from your network on your posts.

Employers are looking for you on LinkedIn

Last and most importantly current and potential employers are going to look you up on LinkedIn. This is why you want to have your profile complete and up to date and be active on your account. If you do not have a LinkedIn, not only can you not stay connected to your network but employers will not be able to find additional information on you and this will hurt your potential for being found for new opportunities on LinkedIn.

So LinkedIn is incredibly important to have and be active on. It helps you stay connected with your current network connection to new people you meet and allow employers to find you for new opportunities. If you don't have a LinkedIn I would highly encourage you to create one and start growing your network. You won’t regret it and if you don't have a LinkedIn you might be missing out on opportunities that people need you for.

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