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Getting Engagement on LinkedIn

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Have you ever wondered which interactions on LinkedIn are seen the most by your connections? And which is better: a like, comment, or share? While it could be easy to assume posting is the best way to be seen and get engagement this is not always the case.

A Word Of Warning

One thing to be aware of before going on is, in general, any interaction you have with a post whether a like or comment has the potential to show up in your network's feed so it is a good rule of thumb to not like or comment on controversial posts. Remember the primary purpose of LinkedIn is to stay connected to your professional network. You don't want to do something on LinkedIn that could hurt your reputation or relationship with your network.


You should be posting regularly on LinkedIn. I encourage you to post a max of once a week. I would not post once a day or multiple times a day because if you post more than once a day Linkedin will hide your other posts from most of your network. A general rule of thumb with posts is you want to provide benefit and value to your network. So this means no promotional posting but instead, post-long-form content related to your industry or job. I would also recommend creating your own content instead of sharing it. Sharing does not usually do well in engagement because you are not the author of the post.


I encourage you to engage in posts by liking them. Liking posts is an easy and simple thing to do that shows others you are active on LinkedIn and engaging with your network. But if a post was of great benefit to you I would encourage you to take it a step further and construct a good comment.


Commenting is king on the LinkedIn algorithm. The algorithm loves comments and there is no limit to how often a comment you make on another post can show up in someone else's feed. Comments provide LinkedIn with more data so comments are the best thing to do often. When commenting you want to construct it like a mini post. Tag the author of the post and share what information stood out to you and was helpful. Then ask a follow-up question to something you were wondering or confused about to keep the conversation going.

So post once a week to get engagement. Posting is always a helpful way to share content and get engagement. Liking a post is easy and shows others that you're on LinkedIn. But I encourage you to take it a step further and make a comment if a post is of great benefit to you. This will create engagement with the author of the post and show up in your network's feed.

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