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Self Promotion On LinkedIn

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Is self-promotion on LinkedIn always bad? Is there an effective way to promote yourself without annoying people?

Yes, you can promote yourself effectively without frustrating people. But you can't do it by sending spam messages to connections. Or having every post you write end in a promotional tagline. Promotion can happen naturally if we can provide valuable content of benefit to our readers and connect the content to our brand.

Educate People

Share information related to your industry with people through posting educational content. Don't call yourself an expert. Let other people tell you that you're the expert. Don’t post anything that is blatantly self-promotional.

Focus on the Problem

Share common problems your clients run into and how to solve them. Through sharing helpful tips and tricks your potential customer will see you know what you're doing. Don’t tell people they should hire you to solve their problems.

Promote Someone Else

Did you recently give someone some business? Or use a great product or service that was of huge value to you? Then tag someone on LinkedIn to celebrate how their product or service was of use or value to you. This encourages others and might make someone else want to celebrate you.

Post content that is of value or benefit to your readers. I emphasize this point so much because people oftentimes don't know the purpose of LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s mission statement is to connect the world's professionals. Use LinkedIn to stay connected to your network, post valuable content, and engage with other people's content.

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