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The Purpose Of LinkedIn

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of LinkedIn is? Or what is appropriate to post on LinkedIn compared to other social media platforms? There are a few really important dos and don'ts of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s Mission

So what is the purpose of LinkedIn? To know this we need to know what LinkedIn’s mission and vision are. Linkedin’s mission states this: “The mission of LinkedIn is simple: connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” So if the mission/purpose of LinkedIn is to connect the world’s professionals to one another what does that mean for you and me? It means that what we post and how we interact should be in line with this. We should create valuable content that is of benefit to our network and followers. So we should not post personal content. LinkedIn is not Facebook so make sure to not treat it like it is. We need to be posting professional material for our network.

LinkedIn’s Vision

So now we know the mission of Linkedin. Let’s move on to the vision. LinkedIn’s vision is: “Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.” So now that we know this how should we proceed? We already know our content needs to be professional but this takes our purpose in using LinkedIn step further. LinkedIn wants to help you have opportunities in your career. This is why you can apply for jobs and connect with recruiters on LinkedIn. We need to make sure the professional content we post on LinkedIn creates engaging and healthy conversation. So share a thought, opinion, or something you have learned. Just make sure not to share content that is too controversial. So no politics, religion, or COVID talk on Linkedin. It’s okay to have conversations through comments and disagree we just need to do this in a professional manner.

Last Thoughts

I think we have all seen that post or comment on LinkedIn that is unhelpful or controversial. People will think because their controversial post on LinkedIn blew up with likes and comments that it was a good post. While this might sound good it is not. Again remember the purpose of Linkedin. To connect the world’s professionals and create economic opportunities for the workforce. We want to build relationships with professionals and potential employers on LinkedIn. Posting things that are too personal or controversial hurts professional relationships. Use Linkedin for the purpose it was created for.

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