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Getting Endorsements & Recommendations On LinkedIn

When working on improving your LinkedIn profile it's easy to forget to spend time growing your endorsements and recommendations. It is really important to regularly ask people to endorse your top three skills and ask for recommendations because this showcases your expertise and the experiences people have had working with you.

Skill Endorsements

How do you do this? It can be intimidating to figure out who you should ask. So let’s start there. Before asking people for endorsements you should first go through your LinkedIn connections and endorse people you know well. Most people do not proactively endorse their connections so doing this gives you the opportunity to later ask them for an endorsement back. Once you’ve endorsed people you can follow up with them a few weeks later and ask for one back.

When thinking of the types of people you should ask for an endorsement, think of those you have worked with, and know professionally. The worst thing you could do is ask someone you don't know very well for an endorsement. Make sure your top three skills are most current to represent what you do. Ask people to endorse those top three skills.


When asking for a recommendation you want to ask fewer people and make sure they know you really well. You can ask people you know professionally, past clients you have had, and people you have worked with. Reach out to them through LinkedIn messenger and ask them if they would be willing to write you a recommendation and say what it would be in relation to. If they say yes, thank them and go on your profile to send a recommendation request. Scroll down to recommendations, press the plus button, and look them up. You can then send them a link to write you a recommendation. You must approve recommendations for them to show up on your profile.

It’s easy to worry and stress about asking someone for an endorsement or recommendation. You might feel bad reaching out to your professional network and asking for a favor. But here’s the thing. People do not think proactively about giving you endorsements and recommendations. And if you ask the right people who know you well they will be more than happy to say yes. When you ask someone to endorse you or write you a recommendation they will feel honored you thought of them. So do not stress about asking for a favor. Just make sure you are asking the right person.

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